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Colour Co-Ordinating with Bridal Arrangements

If you are have any of the below rose colours in your bridal bouquet or floral decorations the following information will help you to choose complementing petals.

Pollen Petals® have the largest petal pictures on our website to help you decide, but to be completely sure don’t forget we also offer a free sample service too.

Colour Co-Ordination – Current Colours
RoseComplementing Petal
Black BaccaraDeep Burgundy
Ivory VendelaIvory Vendela
Sweet AvalancheLight Pink
Cool WaterDusky Pink
Cherry BrandyBurnt Orange
Dolce VitaDolce Vita
HeavenCandy Pink
Grand PrixRavishing Red
Coming Soon
RoseComplementing Petal
F1 GreenGretna Green

Petal Quantities for Different Circumstances

2 litres of petals is 7 to 8 good handfuls of petals.

Confetti Cones
2 litres will fill 16 to 20 cones
For a light scattering of petals down a church aisle you will need 1 litre for every metre.
Petal Path
Based on a path 1 metre wide you will need for each metre in length:
Light scattering – 1 litre
Medium scattering – 2 litres
Generous scattering – 3 litres
On 5 ft diameter round tables 2 litre of petals will give you:
a light scattering on 4 to 5 tables,
a medium scattering on 3 to 4 tables,
a generous scattering on 2 to 3 tables